Australian Silky Terrier bark collar

Australian Silky Terrier was bred in Australia in the 19th century by crossing the Australian and Yorkshire Terriers . Also in the breeding of species involved Cairn Terrier and Skye Terrier. After the Second World War, the U.S. military who were in Australia, they brought these beautiful little terrier with them to America. In the U.S., the breed became popular in 1959, it was recognized by the American Kennel Club. In 1962 he was the first to set the standard Australian Silky Terrier in 1967, the standard has been updated. Citronella collar reviews

The Aussie is very intelligent and energetic, despite his small stature has great courage. Australian Terrier - a real person, a courageous and very active, like other terriers. For dogs of this breed is very important contact with the owner, loneliness and boredom, these dogs can not tolerate.

With outsiders Terrier caution and distrust, tolerant of pets and children if raised with them. Aussie easily trained, he aims to please the owner, wants to please him in everything. Education should begin as soon as possible. Australian Silky Terrier does not need long walks, but loves to run and play.

Silky and soft wool dog can become confused and needs daily brushing and combing. The dog must be frequently washed , the wool has always been clean. Periodically, you can trim your hair and long hair falling over his eyes, it is better to gather in a ponytail.

The breed standard FCI № 236:

General view. Silky Terrier - a real "toy" terrier. He was stocky, with a slightly stretched body and light bone, but is strong enough to stay home hunter of rodents. He has a silky coat, separated by "parted" from the forehead to the base of the tail, and the view is well groomed but not "sleek" dog. Natural curiosity and joy of life make snares a great companion.

Growth, proportion, composition. Height: 23 - 25 cm deviation in either direction is undesirable.
Proportion. The index format - 120.
Addition. Easy, with a slight bone.

Head. A strong, wedge-shaped, of medium length. Citronella collar reviews Look in his eyes attentive and perceptive. The eyes are small, dark, almond-shaped, dark-rimmed eyelids. The ears are small, in the form of an equilateral triangle, set high, erect. Silky keeps his ears straight up, not placing a hand. The skull is flat, not too broad between the ears. Length of skull somewhat greater than the length of the muzzle. The transition from forehead to muzzle is moderate. The nose is black. Teeth strong, cutters are located on the same line. Scissor bite.
Vices. Light eyes, undershot or overshot.

Neck, Topline, Body. The neck is medium length, elegant, with elaborate line withers. Gracefully goes into sloping shoulder. Topline straight. Chest broad and deep enough to reach the elbows. Corps planted moderately low, somewhat distended - hull length of about one-fifth of the height at the withers (the length is measured from the glenohumeral joint to point of buttock). The tail is docked, the dog keeps it upright or slightly below.
Vices. Roach back or sway back, too stretched or shortened format.

Belt forelimbs. The blades oblique, with a sufficient angle with the shoulder joint to frame legs under the body. Limbs strong, straight, with a slight bone. The feet are small, round and compact. Straight ahead - no mark up or clubfoot. The pads are thick and elastic. The nails are strong and dark. Dewclaws removed.
Vices. Colorless or pink claws.

Hind limbs. Thighs strong and muscular, but not loaded. Angulation of the knee expressed. Hocks short, parallel (when viewed from the rear). Paws are the same as in forequarters.

COAT. Straight, with no undercoat, shiny, silky to the touch. Adult dogs hair falls, repeating the shape of the body, but does not reach the ground. On the parietal hair is so thick that forms the "wig", but the long hair on the ears and the front of the muzzle is not allowed. From forehead to base of tail hair is divided naturally "parting." The tail is well feathered, but no suspension. On the pasterns and metatarsus hair is short. Paws are covered with short, tight-fitting coat.

Color. Blue and tan.
Blue may be silver-blue, blue-gray or blue-steel.
Blue starts from nape and extends to the tip of the tail, down the forelegs to the elbow to the middle of the inner thigh. On the tail of the blue color should be very dark.
Succumbed to be thick and heavy. Fallen located on the muzzle and cheeks, around the base of the ears, on the legs, feet and around the anus.
"Wig" must be silver or red deer (yellowish-brown) - lighter than fallen, located elsewhere.

Dvizheniya.Ssvobodnye, light and energetic. A strong impetus to the hindquarters.
Vices. Toes-or clubfoot.

Temperament. To snare typical agile, energetic look terrier. The behavior of a cheerful, friendly, sympathetic.
Vices. Cowardice or nervousness.

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