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- Yeah. Married.

His face contorted in pain, and she knew immediately that here is not accidental marriage. Suddenly the blood froze in her veins.

- Khaled promised revenge on me. Warns that ever steal me something expensive, such as I had stolen from him - said Paolo monotone. - Your father wanted you to be paid for disobedience, and Khaled just wanted to get even with me.

- Oh no! - She said, pressing his hand to his mouth.

- And I get even. I took some people, not indifferent to me. As I have promised.

The flow of words stopped. Helen waited in horror.

- And he married her? - She asked incredulously at last.

Paolo smiled, but not with joy or fun. Smile, devoid of any emotion, talking about his loss.

- Yeah. Married.

- Who is she? - Her voice fell to a whisper, fear threatened to stifle the very ability to pronounce words.

- I do not know if you heard about it. She is a fashion designer fashion house in Milan Bacell. Her name Sappho - Sapphire Klemendzher.

- Oh my God! No, Paolo ... Not Sapphire!

Ellen jumped up from the couch and hugged herself, trying to comprehend the scale of the disaster, the cause of which she served.

Late visit Paolo, his dejected look, frantic knock on the door - everything was in its place. A man struck the mountain. The huge loss.

- That's my fault!

- Do not think so, Helen.

- But it's true. All because of me. My whims. - She turned her face to him, threw up her hands. - If you do not marry me then, nothing would have happened.

- Is was the alternative? - He stood before her, his eyes flashing. - Exit for Khaled? This option was not fit.

- But look what happened. The threat of retribution hanging over us for twelve years. Now what happened to your life and the life of Sapphire! The price is too high. I should not ask you to. I had no right to.

The severity of his losses was pressing on her. Twelve years of the ban on real relationships, family. And as if that was not enough - now it cost him the woman he wanted to get his wife.

Helen often breathed like a fish out of water.

- I'm sorry, Paulo. I'm very, very sorry. - And she stopped, shuddering with sobs.

She barely felt him touch her, straightened, pulled her to him. Thankfully clinging to him, she grabbed his shirt and buried him in the chest. The tears continued to flow, crying did not cease.

- Come on, - he said quietly. - Stop. But the choice she did not have, like the strength to fight with them. One break free, grief overwhelmed her.

Now she again experienced the shock of the indifference with which her father announced that he was going to sell it. Again I felt despair when her mother ignored her daughter pleading for help, leaving alone with fear and despair, forcing her to seek at least some decision.

Helen burst into tears of relief, when the answer to her prayers Paolo put forward his crazy plan to get rid of an unwanted marriage. He literally pulled her from the clutches of death, because the only way to submit to it as the salvation seemed suicidal.

And now she lila tears of Paolo, the life to which he was doomed.

Yet otplakavshis, she felt a gentle swaying. Paolo hands closed around her, his chin resting on her crown, and he swayed from side to side, as if cradling a child.

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